Beneath the Rubble.

Beneath the rubble
my answer lies.
And God uses trouble
to make the soul wise.

The outside appears right
as I wonder what’s wrong,
with sin out of sight
I force out a song.

I grew a restless soul
and found myself lost,
wandering down this hole
unwilling to pay a cost.

I trust in the doubt
and keep on running,
unsure if I can get out
while the thoughts keep coming.

Was I honest with God?
Did I mean what I said?
Or am I a fraud
who was misled?

With no where to go,
I must look up.
This feeling is low,
God, fill my cup.

If You know all things,
what should I pray?
With these broken strings
I have nothing to play.

I lost the song
that You want to hear.
These thoughts are wrong
and are led by fear.

With no words
or songs to sing,
I’ll watch the birds
just do their thing.

You say not to worry
and to simply trust,
but I’ve grown such fury
sitting like the dust.

I don’t need words, Lord.
I don’t need a lot.
Just give me a chord
to sing in distraught.

The music is my prayer
when no words are right
to tell God I still care
even when I fight.

In silence I wait,
for You answer in time.
You know my fate
so I give You mine.

Beneath the rubble
my answer lies.
And God uses trouble
to make the soul wise.


2 thoughts on “Beneath the Rubble.”

  1. Wow. Just wow. This is awesome and something that really spoke to me today.

    I love reading your blogs and it makes me want to pick mine back up again!

    I hope the weather is getting better over there! Glad you’re safe and know that I miss you and am praying for you my friend!

    Sent from my iPhone



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