Human conditions.

Feeling so restless, but I don’t quite know why.
Sitting here and thinking, as I let out a sight.
You know the feeling that I’m talking about,
the one that fills your head with worries and doubt.

Every so often, these thoughts enter in
bringing with it temptation and the desire to sin.
I cried once before, but that didn’t help.
Over time I learned how to numb what I felt.

And since I grew numb, I failed to see
what my sin was revealing about the real me.
It wasn’t pain or hardship that I faced,
but rather letting days go by in such a waste.

Thankfully this story doesn’t end here
even though I found there was still much fear.
It was in the silence where I heard God speak.
He was the one my soul wanted to seek.

God graciously gave me wisdom and vision.
So finally, I had to make my decision.
I remember facing this battle once before,
but this time it was easier to open the right door.


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