A nameless piano.

Tonight I said goodbye to a friend
knowing this would be the end.
So many moments we would share,
you were the one who was always there.
You listened when I cried in the night
and sat there quietly when I would fight.

The tunes sprung forth as if you knew
everything that I was going through.
How did you know what songs to play?
Did you even know you saved my day?
In a house so empty and no one near,
God used you to take away my fear.

Made out of wood and strings many years ago,
who would’ve thought you would help me grow.
For hours and hours, I would play your keys,
and you sat there as if you were still a tree.
Thank you for getting me through this season,
I know you were brought to me for a reason.

I met one like you when I was a kid,
I wish others knew you as well as I did.
To play and feel is hard to explain,
not all will enjoy it or even remain.
But those who understand that music is a gift
know what it’s like to have a heavenly lift.

Goodbye for now my nameless piano.
I’ll play you again one day, I know.


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