Team Jesus

The first part of this post is from one of my graduate classes and I really liked the thought process behind this… after the quote ends are just a few of my thoughts…

“He Formed a Team
Laurie Beth Jones wrote in Jesus, The CEO: “Once Jesus began his work in earnest, he wasted no time in forming a team. It is as if he suddenly became magnetized. People were inexplicably drawn to him and he to them. ‘Follow me,’ he called out across the water, and without hesitation they followed.”
His team consisted of men with various careers and personal characteristics. They were not perfect men to the world, but Jesus choose them to be his disciplines. Jesus mentored his team, he lead, taught, instructed, nurtured and sent them out with empowerment and authority. The team’s objective was to seek and find Gods lost sheep, and:
…announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give freely as you have received… (Matt.10-15)
Jesus’s Team – The Twelve Disciples
Simon Peter – a fisherman who was impulsive, but later on became bold in preaching about Jesus
James – a fisherman who was ambitious, short tempered, judgmental, and deeply committed to Jesus
John – a fisherman who was also ambitious and judgmental, but became very loving
Andrew – a fisherman eager to bring others to Jesus
Philip – a fisherman with a questioning attitude
Bartholomew – occupation unknown, but honest and straight forward
Matthew – a tax collector, despised outcast because of his dishonest career
Thomas – career unknown, a man with courage and doubt
James – career and outstanding characteristics unknown
Thaddaeus – career and outstanding characteristics unknown
Simon the Zealot – career unknown, but a fierce patriot
Judas Iscariot – career unknown, but known to be treacherous and greedy

How do you see Jesus’s selection of his ‘team’ reflecting values for organizations today? What does His ‘team’ tell us about management?”

A few of my thoughts…

The people Jesus chose for His “team” were not perfect people. I enjoyed reading through this list and reading about the characteristics of the disciples. These men were chosen to do great things for the Kingdom of God, and yet they still had personal issues that got in the way sometimes. Jesus displays a type of management that gives people second chances. He is patient, kind, and listens to others. He understands that we all have flaws and we make mistakes, but Jesus is willing to work through those mistakes and flaws with us in order to help us become more like Him. This is one of the reasons why people are so drawn to Him…He behaved and treated people unlike any had ever seen. He displays the best example in how to lead others. We are to lead and manage with an understanding that mistakes will happen. No one is perfect, but what really matters is how to handle the difficult situations that arise. Jesus isn’t looking for perfect people on His team, He is looking for willing hearts and people surrendering their lives to Him. He is a Leader worth following and one that I strive to be like not only at work, but also at home. He’s the perfect Leader I want to follow.


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