A little plane in a big world.

There’s something about flying that just moves my heart… With all the traveling the Lord has blessed me to do in my short life, I still am not even the slightest bit bothered by flying. The takeoff and the landing are my favorite moments. As the engines are firing up and the noise becomes louder and louder, the pilot suddenly thrusts the plane forward and in a matter of seconds, the plane is hundreds of feet off the ground. The fact that a super heavy plane filled with hundreds of people can fly so high in the air is still so puzzling to me how it all works..

And then a surge of thoughts come to my mind as I look out of the window of the plane… I can see hundreds of miles around me and the world looks so little. I can barely see the cars and people walking the streets; it’s just the hundreds of houses with swimming pools, the lakes, the mountains, the sports fields lit up at night… Sitting in the plane, the seemingly big world suddenly looks so tiny. I then feel so small and I’m just in awe by the Love of the Lord. As I look down at the world below me, I’m blown away at how Jesus cares for each and every single person. It’s so hard to describe the feeling and thoughts I get when I look out that picture sized window. How amazing it is that with all these billions of people in the world, God has a plan for every single one… if only we would turn to Him and seek after Him, then He would slowly reveal to us what His plans and blessings are. I wonder at all the stories of all the people I’m flying over…some have terribly hard lives and others let life go by too quickly to even be able to enjoy it. Either way, without the repentance of sins, there is sadly no hope for those who don’t turn to Jesus.

By the grace of God, He found me. By His mercy, He takes care of me. By His love, I am renewed. By His work in my life, I’m able to put my faith in Him and know that He is real.

When I left Monterey on Sunday and flew by the bay on the plane, the sun was setting over the ocean and tears came to my eyes as I reflected on the good work the Lord has done so far in my life. I remembered when I had first come to Monterey 4 years ago and how confused I was with my life…slightly broken and unsure of anything. The only thing I was sure of was that God did care for me, but honestly, my faith had been hanging by a thread. I left home in southern California so I could find out for myself if I really believed all I was taught throughout my life. about Jesus. And even with just that thread of faith, it’s by God’s amazing power that He sent me to Monterey at the right time with the right people. My first semester away from home was the most difficult experience, but thankfully I was living at the home of a lady from Calvary Chapel Monterey and she had taken me in with arms wide open. That’s where the Lord had started working on my heart as this wonderful lady took me to home Bible studies, mission prayer meetings, and just fun hangouts with the church family. It was just the medicine my heart needed and I knew the Lord had me there for a reason.

Fast forward a few months, and the Lord began to give me such solid friendships that I still keep in touch with to this day. And oh how I never knew how important those friendships would be after leaving Monterey. Another thing I hadn’t realized at the time was how being involved with the Christian club on the university campus was preparation for where I am serving in the present. The service projects we had, the fellowship Fridays, and being involved with the worship team were important then and the Lord was strengthening me for the next things to come.

What a blessing it is to look back on all the difficulties, the good times, and the mundane moments, and to see that everything happens for reasons we may not be able to figure out until the years have passed by. How important it is to have faith in Jesus, even when we cannot see further beyond the horizon. Even if things get difficult and it seems like won’t get any better, keep hope in Jesus; He has His reasons and will always love you. He suffered much worse than any of us could imagine when He died on the cross. And not only was His death on the cross a difficult thing to endure, but His time leading up to the cross was horrible as well. His own Father had to see Jesus endure much pain. And it was all for people like you and I, so that we could be saved. Before we were even born, He chose to save us. Now it becomes our own decision, whether or not we want to accept that He saved us. We don’t need to be perfect, or even be a certain way when coming before the Lord. Whatever it is we have, we give completely to Him. And it really isn’t about how much you know, but what you do with what you know.

“Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His commandments, to a thousand generations…” Deuteronomy 7:9
What a beautiful promise to us that is.

Monterey has such a special place in my heart as I think back on my time I was able to live up there. The work of the Lord seriously amazes me. As the plan began to descend into the Burbank airport, the world began to get bigger and bigger again. But I felt a sense of restoration and I know the Lord refreshed my heart this past weekend.The joy I received from simply seeing my friends, catching up on life, and just enjoying the beautiful ocean scenery was much needed for me. A great gift from the Lord to me is when He reminds me of where I came from. I hope and pray that you too can look back on life and simply reflect on where the Lord has brought you to this day. Is it where you thought you would be? Or where the Lord wants you to be? And by His grace, I pray to continue walking with Him and letting Him lead me to do whatever it is He wants to do in my life.


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