Surrender is not a one time deal,
But a daily occurrence that makes me kneel.
I thought one time was enough to cover it all,
But instead I found that one time makes me fall.
The Lord is close in those weary moments,
Yet sometimes I push away and cause postponements.
Holding on tight with my bloodstained hands,
Caused me to look back and wish only the best for my plans.

It’s easy to let myself think those thoughts,
The ones that feed my flesh and make me rot.
Sometimes we overcomplicate the facts
And that’s when I notice I fall off track.

To recognize mistakes may bring some shame
But surrendering it all brings glory to His name.
So let it all go, moment by moment,
And if it’s from the heart, there’s no shame in atonement.

Look past the fear that holds us back
Letting Christ fulfill all that we lack.
As Paul said when he found that he was wrong,
I boast in my weakness because to Christ I belong.

So I thank the Lord for reminding me
How human I am and how much more He can see.
I’m learning to surrender those moments in my flesh,
And let Him hold my heart to daily make me fresh.


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