In a year…

In a year

We have felt
The highs and lows of life
The pain and sorrow,
The joys and happiness.

We have experienced
The families strife,
The loans of tomorrow,
The fake and sappiness.

We have seen
New life begin,
Dear loves married,
The downfall of sin,
And woes never carried.

We have heard
Songs to fill emotion,
The cries of children,
Chaos and commotion,
And laughter from brethren.

With all we have seen,
With all we have felt,
With all we have experienced,
With all we have heard,
None can come close
None can fathom
What love the Father chose
To give and grant us freedom.

In pain we see Him a comforter,
to heal and bring all hearts peace.
In strife we see Him a mediator,
One who solves all our struggles.
In sin we see Him so merciful,
quick to forgive and never inflicts.
In chaos we see Him a protector,
to watch over us and guard our lives.

In joy we see Him our strength,
for when we are weak then He is strong.
In love we see Him so perfect,
Loving us without any rules.
In laughter we see Him a friend,
One who never leaves and never fails.

In a year we all have seen so much,
In a year we all learn what life can touch.
In a year we all have lost and won,
In a year we all see what more can be done.

“Happy New Year,” the people sing
In hopes of second chances
And to forget their year of aching.
Unless we behave as branches
And reach out to Him who is the vine,
Then we will continue to stumble
Away from His great design.

Don’t be discouraged,
Don’t give up hope.
Another blessed year privileged
Given to us to cope.

Lord, grant us the ability
To see beyond what we see
And to trust in You
Even when we’re through.

With all our potential
And You by our side,
We are more than able
To avoid the backslide.

Thank You for another year
And for removing the fear.
Thank You for never giving up
When we feel life erupt.

And may we continue
To push each other in You.
Whether life is dark or light,
He does and always will
Love you with much delight.


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